The Obituary Writer

The Obituary Writer - Ann Hood

Ann Hood's novel of two women from different era's each tells a story of life from their perspective. As Vivien and Claire's stories unfolds they eventually convene together in a way that displays women of their time in history.


Vivien is the obituary writer and lives in Napa in 1919. A survivor of the San Francisco earthquake she continues to search for her lost love who was believed to have died in the disaster yet she continues to hold onto the hope he may still be alive.


Claire is suburban housewife and mother in 1961.  We see her life revealed on the brink of Kennedy's Presidential Inauguration. Unhappy and unsure of the decision she made to marry the man she did and what her future holds.


Both the stories within this book were interesting glimpses into the lives of women during these different times in history.  Life after the 1906 earthquake and a week after the one centered in Napa was a timely coincidence. Anything to do with the Kennedy's is always a thumb's up from me.  I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.


How I acquired this book:  Gift from my sister last Christmas.

Shelf life:  8 months