Orphan Train

Orphan Train - Christina Baker Kline

I rated this with 5 stars because while it might not someday be claimed as a work of art, for me it was a perfect read. The reason being it was based on historical events of which I had no previous knowledge. When I learn about something that was never known to me, in addition to being completely fascinated by the subject, that for me is the perfect read.


This book was based on the history of the orphan trains that carried orphaned and homeless children from eastern states to the Midwest with the intention of finding homes for them to live. From 1853 to 1929 sponsored by the Children's Aid Society and the Catholic New York Foundling Hospital they relocated 250,000 children. Signs were posted in various cities notifying people of the children that needed homes.


This all serves as the backdrop to this story of an elderly woman Vivian and teenager Molly. Vivian hires Molly to help her organize all the items in her attic. Accumulated over Vivian's lifetime she begins to share snippets of her past and in doing so the two discover how much they have in common.


Anyone who likes historical fiction would enjoy this book. I will be sharing this book with everyone.


How I acquired this book: On honeymoon in Bar Harbor, Maine purchased at Sherman's Books*

Shelf Life:  Ten Months

*Bookception: Sherman's Books was mentioned in this book