An Unexpected Guest

An Unexpected Guest - Anne Korkeakivi

This story is a day in the life of Clare Moorehouse, an American wife to a British diplomat posted in Paris. On this day she is organizing a dinner with dignitaries and she is seeing to every detail to make the evening successful.


Throughout the 24-hour period we learn of Clare's life before she met her diplomat husband and how her past could jeopardize his position.  We go with her through the streets of Paris on her every errand before her dinner party. When her son is suspended from his boarding school we are in her head rationalizing how she will handle explaining to her husband.


Reminiscent of Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway this book also dragged for me.  While I/m usually one to love detail and description I felt this got bogged down with them.  The main character was described to wear beige, a neutral tone and it was also in line with her rather boring personality.  She lacked depth and being that she was the character that the story was focused on made this book average.


How I acquired this book:  On a visit to Half Price Books with my son.

Shelf life: 8 months