A Hundred Foot Journey

The Hundred-Foot Journey - Richard C. Morais

I chose to read this book solely on the fact that members of my book club suggested we read it "on the side" of our current selection so as to see the movie together.  I think thus far I'm the only one who has read it.


Beginning in Mumbai this is far more than a hundred foot journey. After the Haji family experience a tragic event they decide to move to London first to start over but end up settling in the small village of Lumiere nestled in the French Alps where they open an Indian restaurant.  Across the street is long time resident and favorite local chef Madame Mallory and her beautifully esteemed hotel and restaurant. Not welcoming the competition nor flamboyant style of these foreigners she sets out to ruin them in what becomes a battle of wills between she and the Haji's. After some clashing Madame Mallory agrees to mentor Hassan, the son of Haji who she suspects holds great potential as a future chef.


Richard Morias is skilled in his description from the picturesque countryside to the mouth-watering creations the chefs in this story create. I truly appreciate the details an author uses to paint a scene where the result is my wanting to visit a place I've never been, taste a food I've never tried or make a dish I've never cooked. This was a most pleasant read and definitely one I recommend. Any foodie would adore this novel.  I expect it will be a great movie.


How I acquired this book: Sent my son on an errand to purchase for me.

Shelf life: None, read immediately