Me Before You

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

This is the first novel I've read by JoJo Moyes after hearing positive reviews by members of my book club. This title actually being voted on and rejected by our book club, I wish it had been chosen as I know it would have made for a great discussion.


Louisa Clark is the main character, 26 and still living at home in a small English tourist-spot-of-a-town she loses her longtime job at The Butterbun Café. Desperate to help out her family, she is given but a few lousy choices from the unemployment office for a new position. Somewhat reluctantly, she decides to be a full time caregiver to Will Traynor who is wheelchair bound and angry after a horrific accident.


While the author mostly focuses on Louisa, the challenges of her new job and the romance with her fitness fanatic boyfriend, her family drama is also entwined in this story making for a perfect balance of humor and despair.  This book held onto my heart and didn't let go. A most unique love story and by far one of the most emotional and heartfelt books I've ever read. I would definitely read anything and everything by this author.  For some reason I have an affinity for books taking place in England so that's a bonus too. After beginning this book I realized I had a previous title by her (The Last Letter From Your Lover) on my shelf and have since purchased another (The Girl You Left Behind). 


How I acquired this book: Gift from sister last Christmas

Shelf life: 7 months