My House in Umbria

My House in Umbria - William Trevor

This book is set in Umbria, Italy at a somewhat rundown home that Emily Delahunty rents to tourists. This time her lodgers are survivors from a terrorist attack on a train. Emily generously offers them a place to convalesce and grieve. Brought together as strangers, as they begin to recover their layers are revealed.


Emily, a romance novelist and a woman with a past is longtime friends with Quinty who takes care of her home and the business side of things. Aimee, a young girl recovering from the attack, has lost her mother, and is the concern of all the current guests. Her uncle from the United States arrives in Umbria with the intent to take her home to live with him. Not sure this is the ideal answer, the guests, in particular Emily barrage him with questions about his life and relationship with his sister, Aimee's mother.


This was a pleasant, short read with lovely description about life in Italy.