Astor Place Vintage

Astor Place Vintage - Stephanie Lehmann

Astor Place Vintage by Stephanie Lehmann is the perfect light read.  Amanda is the owner of a vintage clothing store who meets Mrs. Kelly after she calls on her to sell her clothing on consignment. While Amanda goes through an antique trunk at Mrs. Kelly's she discovers a journal written by Olive and so begins the story of Amanda and Olive, two women as the central characters in a back and forth present/past exchange of their lives. 


Set in New York we get a view of what life would be like as a woman at the turn of the century and are reminded of all the challenges one would face in that era. A Sex and the City gone retro if you will. Meanwhile, as Amanda reads Olive's journal she is dealing with her own obstacles as she persists towards a life with love and independence.


Faced with similar issues in different time periods this book was both interesting and engrossing. The author weaves in some factual notes within the story along with vintage photos of Manhattan that adds to the historical flavor of this book.