The Goldfinch

Donna Tartt's recent creation does not disappoint.  For me it was meant to be read slowly, to take my time so as not to devour as I had to resist the urge to do so. I know that this author does not crank out books annually so the next creation will be a long time coming.


How to begin to describe this book? It is elegant and eloquent, it is profoundly sad. It is about a lost soul, it is about loneliness.  A story about a boy named Theo who loses everything and is left without a moral compass to guide him. It is about survival. Someone described this book as depressing. Is it depressing to find a book that resonates so perfectly deep within? No, I call that pure beauty. Isn't that after all why we are so fond those sad love songs?


The title of the book taken from the art masterpiece of the same title The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritius (1654) is currently on exhibit at The Frick museum in New York. Due to the popularity of this book It has been drawing huge crowds.


I realize my reviews don't always describe or explain the story and quite often I don't read a review completely because I don't want to know that much about the story beforehand. I simply want to know if it was liked and if it comes highly recommended.  So let me say, regarding The Goldfinch . . . I adored this book and I highly recommend it.  It will now be included in my top ten favorites