Winter's Tale

Winter's Tale - Mark Helprin


This is the story of orphaned Peter Lake who survives the streets of New York during the 1800's. Growing up with nothing but vagrants and misfits to call family he manages to learn his trade in mechanics and as a "respectable burglar" as they were called in that era. 


While breaking into the home of Isaac Penn, newspaper tycoon, he happens upon his beautiful daughter, Beverly.  Their love is instant and complete but not of the ordinary. Beverly is sick and dying and so their romance is brief but their love is forever.  


With New York as the backdrop of this epic tale it also serves as a main character if you will.  While the city evolves, rises and falls it incorporates time travel of several of its key players fulfilling what is to be their destiny.


Although written with dense, rich detail I was surprised at how quick this was to read. With the movie due out in a couple weeks I was anxious to finish. I am hopeful this story will transfer beautifully to the screen.