The Secret History

The Secret History - Donna Tartt

I found this to be a very engrossing read and a book that was difficult to put down. This story captured me from the beginning and part way into it I purchased a second book by this author, Donna Tartt. A Secret History being her first novel and taking her over ten years to write it is a reader's feast.


This tale is told by Richard Papen. From California and ready to leave his parents he is accepted on scholarship to Hampden University in Vermont. Grateful for the opportunity but living on a shoestring, he is allowed to join the exclusive Greek class. The five students seem very sophisticated, scholarly and unapproachable but slowly this small group accepts him as one of their own.


One of my favorite parts of the book was when during winter break, the dorms closed, Richard not returning home to his parents, he has no place to stay. Pride gives him no choice but to find temporary lodging at a ramshackle of a house with a hole in the ceiling. Mind you, this is Vermont, in the winter, and well it's cold to say the least. 


As he becomes closer within this inner circle of friends they involve him in a secret that comes with a price. A price he may be forced to pay.