Thoughts halfway through Empire Falls by Richard Russo

Empire Falls - Richard Russo


I am about half through this book and am holding my breath in anticipation over how Miles Roby, lifelong resident of Empire Falls and manager of Empire Grill, will decide his future? This is what obviously seems to be a pivotal point in this story.  Will he marry "crippled" Cindy Whiting daughter of the town's elite, and assure his financial security? It is absolutely necessary to do so to keep the Empire Grill in business? Will he marry for the money so he can send his daughter Tick to college?  How many desperate parents have entertained these very thoughts?  How many have gone through with it?  Or, as suggested by Cindy's mother (and quite possibly in line with the same wishes as Miles' late mother) was that Miles marry Cindy to do the right thing for moral virtue.  Wow!  Do you know anyone that morally virtuous?  I don't believe I do.  I know this post is a jumble of questions but after I closed my book last night all these questions started swimming in my head.


I am so looking forward to watching the movie after I finish the book.  I remember when this movie was out, I didn't want to see it because I knew I would probably want to read the book.  I can't believe I've managed to hold off this long and how many times I've passed up this book in the bookstores. I know it stars Ed Harris whom I love as an actor, but honestly imagined someone less handsome for the part of Miles Roby.  The husband has put it on our Netflix queue so it may be here before I complete the book.