My Mother's Secret

My Mother's Secret: A Novel Based on a True Holocaust Story - J.L. Witterick

I was selected to review this book as EarlyReviewer.  This beautifully profound story takes place in the tiny town of Sokal, Poland during World War iI. Based on the true story of mother and daughter, Franciszka and Helena Halamajowa and their courageous efforts.


Franciszka is first approached by a Jewish construction worker who asks if she would be willing to hide he and his family. She readily agrees and finds them a place in her hayloft. Next she is approached by her friend, the wife of a well-respected Jewish doctor, and is asked the same thing. Again, she readily agrees and the doctor digs his family a shelter under the floorboards of Franciszka's kitchen. Finally, a German solider, not of the Nazi belief nor the heart to harm anyone asks Franciska for her help. she finds a space for him in her tiny attic. 


This woman's heroic bravery is evidence that human kindness does exist. A story easily readable by anyone. Told in brief vignettes by each of the characters perspectives it was difficult not to read in a single sitting.


Highly recommended if wanting an inspirational read.