The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot: A Novel - Jeffrey Eugenides

I love the writing of Jeffery Euginedes. It's both deeply honest and vastly thorough. The Marriage Plot is the second book I've read by this author and I look forward to also reading The Virgin Suicides. This story is of Madeline, a college student/graduate, set in the 80's and how she deals with the two men who love her. An English major, Madeline's senior thesis is based on the theme of "marriage plots" of the Victorian classics, hence the fitting title of this book.


Madeline is mostly involved with Leonard throughout the story and tries desperately to make sense of his manic depression, thinking if she loves him enough they will share a good life. Coming from opposite backgrounds lends to frustration and needed compromise to maintain this relationship.


Mitchell loves Madeline from afar and agonizes over the missed opportunity to win her heart. While he and Madeline come from similar backgrounds, Mitchell patiently waits for her to realize he is the one she belongs with.


This is not your average love story but anyone who is familiar with or enjoys the typical Jane Austen theme should like this book.