The Wednesday Daughters

The Wednesday Daughters - Meg Waite Clayton

When I requested this book to review for LibraryThing I apparently missed the fact that this was a sequel to The Wednesday Sisters which was a story about of five friends who gather and talk of raising kids, marriage, etc. it sounds like a book I would might have read. Now, will I go back and read it? Probably not. Had I read it first I think I would have like the daughters' version more so. There was no summary to lead you into the sequel as to what transpired in the first story so I spent most of the time grasping for clues as to who, what, when, why, where the story was going. There was some reflecting in the past but that was confusing too because that was a character from the first book having imaginary conversations with a dead woman. I felt as if were driving with no directions to a place I'd never been. Sigh.


While it was a bit of a struggle, I did enjoy the English setting as well as the scenery descriptions were lovely. Verses from Beatrix Potter stories headed each chapter which was sweet nostalgia.


I wish I had read the first book.