Comeback Love

Comeback Love - Peter Golden

Finally a love story where the aching questions "Why did they break up in the first place?" and "Did they ever get back together?" are answered in one book!  Peter Golden's Comeback Love is a love story about second chances and the one that got away.  As his debut novel I'd say it is an excellent work.


The book begins in present day when Gordon Meyers decides to look up his lost love Glenna Rising.  She is surprised to see him but agrees to join him for a drink. As they catch up with each other and reminisce over the past the author takes us back and forth from their previous life to present day as he tells this story.  We are brought back to the 60's when the two meet in a time when they were passionate about their ideals which defined them as well as drew them together. Gordon is a journalist trying to write a book but remains a college student semester by semester whilst avoiding the draft for Vietnam.  Glenna is a med student and caught up in women's rights specifically abortion.  While they are very much in love, their relationship is emotional and intense.  Upon meeting again thirty years later it seems their lives resemble the past.


I would describe this as a grown-up love story that feels more believable than most.  It had substance and depth so it did not feel sappy or foolish whatsoever.  I would highly recommend this book to readers who want to graduate from Danielle Steele and/or Nicolas Sparks.  I have put this author's current release "Wherever There is Light" on my wish list.


How I acquired this book:  Barnes & Noble clearance shelf

Shelf Life: Two and a half years