The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides is the third book I've read by Jeffrey Eugenides and quite possibly the one I liked the least.   While I wanted to like it because I'd heard it was a "must read" it left me somewhat deflated.


The story takes place in 1970's Detroit where five sisters commit suicide within a year of each other. After the youngest sister first has a failed attempt but then eventually succeeds the family becomes despondent and ultimately isolates themselves from the world.  Told in the voice of the adoring neighborhood teenage boys the delivery feels awkward and perhaps that is the point.  It was very frustrating for me not knowing the parents nor the sister's perspective other than what little was overheard, told to the boys or what they assumed.  It the author wanted the reader to feel like someone on the outside looking in then he succeeded perfectly, however, this left me frustrated and unable to appreciate this book.


This story left me wanting too much to be able to consider it a "good read".  I would have liked to have had a perspective from each sister and the parents in order to get a truer sense of their thoughts. It was a very different  and unique kind of story and for that I can give it three stars. This is also included book #10 in my Classics Club reading challenge as I found it on a "modern classics list".


How I acquired this book:  Half-price books

Shelf Life:  About a year and a half.