Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful Ruins - Walter   Jess

This story begins in 1962 in a tiny coastline village of Porta Vergogna when actress, Dee Moray arrives by boat for a holiday.  The hotel's owner is Pasquale a shy young man in awe of this beauty that has come to stay with them.  Pasquale's widow mother and crazy aunt make for some lively banter as they do not hold back on what they think of their visitor. Pasquale and Dee form a close friendship that gets interrupted by a Hollywood scandal. Michael Deane, a movie producer in his effort to save his film Cleopatra doesn't realize he rotates fate in a different direction that might have been until years later his help is sought to find lost love.


This was a lovely book, the fact that it takes place in Italy is just icing on the cake.  A perfect choice for a vacation, beach read.