Blogging BFF's


This Book Blogger's Challenge brought to you compliments of April at




I am fairly new to the book blogging community and have only been following these fabulous book blogs for less than a year. I am impressed by too many to count but there are a few that I've grown fond of and while it may be presumptuous to call these gals my blogging BFF's I have quite enjoyed our interactions via their blogs and Twitter. 


Brie @ may have been the first book blog I happened I upon and I have continued to follow. Brie lives in Canada, is married to Jaime Fraser (how awesome is that?) and they have a baby (pit bull) named Saigon. Brie has recently been involved in a Moby Dick read-a-long and before that Harry Potter. I think she loves shopping for books as much as I do. Besides blogging about books, Brie gives us glimpses into her everyday life and from what I see she is a sweetheart.


Jenn @ and is the fastest reader on the planet. I am in AWE of her! She recently celebrated her 1st Blogoversary and honestly one would think she's been blogging all her life. Jenn seems to always be reading my next book as if she knows my TBR stack personally. We have very similar taste in our picks and that makes for some good commentary.


Rory @ is one of best blogs I follow. She is uber intelligent and her writing prolific. Each one of her posts is a mini work of art. Her book choices are what I would describe as eclectic but regardless of whether I would read what she's reviewed, her posts get a "Wow" from me every time. Her dry wit is priceless and yeah I'm a bit envious of her status as science librarian by day. I want to be her when I grow up.


These are the gals I would love to have over for glass of wine and talk books with until the wee hours.  I've been inspired by each of them and am grateful to have found their blogs.


In love of books and friendship. . . .Lori