Bedtime Reading Ritual


Due to technical difficulties, I am now a day behind on the challenge.  My goal is to make an effort to continue to post everyday until the challenge is complete.


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It may surprise that considering my love for reading that I really don't have what I'd call a bedtime reading ritual. Because I work a day job, come home at 5:00 pm, cook for and interact with family often times I don't get to read everyday. Most days yes, but not always everyday.


When I do have the opportunity to read in the evenings then I will read until it's time for bed. On average, I watch television maybe twice a week so if its a night I'm reading then I usually won't read once in bed.  If the family room is quiet and conducive to reading, meaning television is off and is a kid-free-quiet-zone then I will read there or I will seek out a calm place.  I enjoy summer time reading out on the backyard deck but winter reading will usually send me upstairs to bed under the covers which is the warmest place in the house.


I love it best when I get to go to bed early. When that happens then I will always read in bed. Once teeth are brushed, pj's are on and I crawl into bed the cats will follow me.  Bruno will snuggle beside me while Carmella will fight with me for her spot.  She invariably wants to be where my book is right on my chest.  After some negotiating we are all finally comfortable.




Any bedtime reading rituals you'd like to share or do you have a unique place you like to read?