15 Book Related Confessions - Hi! My name is Lori and I'm a book addict.


This 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge has already begun, so I am a bit late starting up but thought it would be some motivation to get me posting something everyday!


Thanks to April at goodbooksandgoodwine.com for hosting this challenge.  Some of these are listed in my About Me page so please forgive the repeated info.




1).  When I think of all the books I want to read and that I'm 47 years old, I get a bit of a panic attack.  Realistically, it will not happen.


2).  It's a torture for me to walk by a bookstore and not go inside even if it's the large chain store in town and I'm specifically shopping for something else.  If I do go into a bookstore I HATE to be rushed because I will need at the very least an hour to peruse.


3).  Although I like "shopping" for books, my favorite place to purchase books is half.com and amazon.com There are books for a quarter (plus shipping & handling of course). 


4). With the exception of a gift inscription inside the front cover, I do not write in books.  Nor do I fold pages or crack spines of books.  This just makes me cringe!


5). When anyone asks if they can bring me a souvenir from their trips I will usually ask for a bookmark.  They are easy to pack and won't break their budget.  I have quite a collection.  I also love when free bookmarks are available at the cashier desks of bookstores but I will use a business card or a post-it note before I bend a page ;-)


6).  As a rule, I finish every book I start.  Even if I struggle through every page I like the sense of accomplishment and then I feel worthy of truly being able to critique it.  I am annoyed (and yes maybe somewhat judgmental) when people say "Oh I read that but never finished it." 


7).  I LOVE being asked to recommend a good book!  I have a sister who has rarely bought books on her own but instead reads only the books I give her.


8).  I prefer reading real books and to the electronic versions.  I don't see me ever changing.  I love the smell of books old and new and I adore my stacks of books all over the house.


9).  My TBR pile is over 150 books.  I've lost count but most of the books I own are books I haven't read.  With the exception of the classics, once I read them I usually pass them on to family and friends and eventually the used bookstore.  My husband is going to build me a library someday so at that point perhaps I will keep them. 


10).  One book I haven't read that weighs on me is The Scarlett Letter.  I don't know why this book in particular bothers me but I find it referenced more than any other book I haven't read and while I know the premise of the story I feel out of the loop.


11).  Another of my reading rules is that I only ever read one book at a time.  People don't like love triangles and I don't like book triangles.  I feel like one will always be better than the other and the temptation to just start another book without finishing one feels like cheating.


12).  Like most readers, I also prefer to read a book prior to seeing a movie and have purposely avoided a movie regardless of how much I've wanted to see it until I've finished the book.


13).  One of the best things my parents ever did for me is get me a library card.  I did not grow up in luxury but going to the library and getting as many books as I wanted made me feel as if I were rich!


14).   I've had a lifelong dream of writing a book in a cottage on Cape Cod.  I have no idea what the book will be about but I hope someday I will feel I'm ready to write it.


15).   Snobbish truth - I have donated many mass market paperbacks and replaced with trade paperback because I think the mass market "look cheap." 


There you have it - my bookish confessions!  Do you have any that you are willing to share?