The Interestings

The Interestings: A Novel - Meg Wolitzer

This was one of my suggestions for our book club based on some reviews I had read about it. While it didn't get selected I'm sorry it didn't as I think it would have made for an excellent discussion.


A story about high school teens who meet at a summer camp for gifted children in 1974.  Some from privilege and others on scholarship they name themselves "The Interestings" assuming they will always remain remarkable humans.  As campers they make plans and dream of their destiny and all they will achieve in their life.  We follow Jules, Ash, Ethan and Jonah as they leave camp and set out into the world. Not long after they have come of age a tragedy occurs that causes their friendship to tighten as they share a secret to bear.  Meg Wolitzer does a wonderful job as she develops these characters into people we see grow and age before our eyes as we witness to all they experiences in their lives.


For some this might seem a lengthy book but I felt it was necessary to invest in these characters depth that spanned more than thirty years.  It was fun to relive the 70's which was my childhood as well. I enjoyed this book as it was well written and kept me captivated throughout.


How I acquired this book:  Purchased at Barnes & Noble with giftcard given to me by my Aunt as a Christmas gift.

Shelf life:  3 Months