The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - Jamie Ford

This is my first post while vacationing. This is Day 4 and there is a lot of family so not getting to read as much as I thought, but its all good. If I get one more book read I'll be happy.


So this story takes place during World War II and is the story of Henry, a Chinese-American and Keiko, a Japanese-American. While both these characters were born in America, they face an onslaught of bullying because of their ethnicity. Over this adversity they bond and become fast friends. As the war progresses the Japanese are rounded up and taken to a concentration camp.  They try their best to keep in touch and Henry risks the wrath of his father, who sees Keiko as the enemy, and makes efforts to visit her while she is held prisoner.


I felt this book, short as it is, could have been told in half the pages. it was a lot of the same page after page. Also thought this story was reminiscent of The Notebook with the letter writing, parents forbidding the relationship, etc. A very easy, light read,