"Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled. 'This could change your life'" - Helen Exley.

The Book of Secrets: A Novel - Elizabeth Arnold

I received this book as an Early Reviewer via Librarything.com. This book has everything I love most, a book about books and secrets linked to the past. Really I was just completely "noodley" reading this book. With refrences to The Narnia Chronicles, Crime and Punishment and A Wrinkle in Time just to name a few, it is truly a book lover's delight. The story begins with Chloe and Nate, married over 20 years and their flailing bookstore. Nate disappears one day and from there, secrets of the past begin to unravel through coded messages Chloe discovers left by Nate in their favorite books. 

Wrapped in childhood memories and tragedy, this beautifully written story will leave you guessing until the end. A very intense and enjoyable read.