The Other Typist

The Other Typist - Suzanne Rindell

If The Great Gatsby and speakeasies speak to you here is a book for you.  As a debut novel by Suzanne Rindell I hope there will be more to read by her in the future.


It's New York City in the 1920's, we first we learn about Rose who is plain and mousy. Dull clothes and a lackluster personality her life centers around her job at the precinct as a stenographer/typist.  A new typist Odalie walks in and Rose's drab world is instantly filled with color.  Odalie is charismatic, beautiful and alluring, in other words, everything that Rose is not.  She is quickly drawn to Odalie's charm and beauty and before you know it they are fast friends. Rose confides to her of an unfortunate incident at her boardinghouse and Odalie asks her to be her roommate and share the rent at her luxurious hotel or "just pay me what you pay now."  Rose can't believe her luck.  Never having a friend like Odalie nor the exciting life that Odalie so generously shares, Rose's preoccupation with her becomes an obsession and things that should have been obvious with her friend go unnoticed for a time, until she is surrounded by mystery and lies.


Some underlying themes of The Great Gatsby are subtley present.  A good read and a light mystery of historical fiction that I would recommend. 


How I acquired this bookHalf Price Books, Concord, California

Shelf life 9 months