Not All Tarts Are Apple

Not All Tarts Are Apple - Pip Granger

I must confess I bought this book mostly because of the cover.  I thought it was adorable and well it is a Penguin book. I have an affinity for Penguin books for some unknown reason.


A cute story set in a Soho neighborhood in London in the 1950's it's centered around an adopted girl named Rosie. Her mom of which the colorful title gets its name drops off Rosie as a baby with her friends and they become her Uncle Bert and Aunt Maggie and her guardians. They own the cafe on the block that is host to all the quirky characters that come in as regulars. When Rosie's mom pops in and it's discovered someone is following her all chaos breaks loose in humorous mayhem.


A quick fun read when wanting something light and easy breezy.


How I acquired this book: The Book Depot, Pittsburg, CA

Shelf life: Three months