March - Geraldine Brooks

Based on Louisa May Alcott's beloved classic Little Women, Geraldine Brooks brings us a parallel account of Peter March, the father of Meg, Jo Beth and Amy. Most of the story of Little Women has their father as absent while off to war.  This fills in the blanks as to his whereabouts and adds a bit more depth to one of my favorite classics.


Its pre-Civil War and Peter March is an honorable man with idealistic views. The story begins with him just out of the seminary and a traveling salesman marketing his trade in the south. He witnesses slave life and racism on the great plantations. He then decides to join the abolitionist movement when he meets his future wife Margaret aka Marmee.  They share noble views along with their friends, famous authors Emerson and Thoreau which are considered quite forward of their era.


I thought this was an interesting account of historical fiction told in the perspective of March and then Marmee.  Although some liberties might have been taken to embellish the story I though it was worth the read.


How I acquired this book: Used book sale at the Walnut Creek Library

Shelf life:  Approximately one year