The Reading Promise

The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared - Alice Ozma, Jim Brozina

This was a heartwarming memoir about Alice and her dad and the promise he makes to her to read out loud to her everyday. The promise begins while Alice is in the 4th grade and at first was a goal set for 100 days. Once they break that streak they continue on until she goes away to college. Sometimes challenging they manage to get in a few moments of reading each day even when their schedules are full.


What I loved about this book - her father is a librarian which means he's already sort of a superhero. Also the mention of ALL the books they've read and how occasionally they touch on what she is going through at the moment.


What I wished for the book - that the books Alice and her dad read were discussed. I get this was a book about reading and not a book about books but that's what I'd have preferred.


This was an easy read and a sweet story about a father/daughter relationship.