William - An Englishman

William - An Englishman - Cicely Hamilton, Nicola Beauman

This Peresphone classic tells the story of William Tully, a very mild-mannered, somewhat weakling of a man.  Once his mother dies and he comes into a comfortable fortune he decides to give up work and go into politics.  As an activist he meets the lovely Griselda who is supporting the cause of suffragettes.  Convinced he's met his match they marry and plan their idealistic life together.


While William and Griselda are on honeymoon in rural Belgium they literally walk right into World War I.  To say this was a rude-awakening for them is an understatement.  The brutality of war is vividly eye opening for this extremely naïve couple and brings question to everything they once believed.


This book starts off light and airy and then leads you down a gritty path of reality.  Beautifully written yet equally heartbreaking.


How I acquired this book:  First book Peresphone "Book-a-month" subscription, birthday gift from my husband.

Shelf life:  One month