Violets of March

The Violets of March - Sarah Jio

This story begins when Emily Wilson sets out to Puget Sound to visit her Aunt Bee after she and her husband divorce due to his infidelity.  She is devastated and intends to try to make sense of her life again.  But wait . . .


At her aunt's house Emily finds an old diary in the nightstand drawer next to her bed.  There are people and events she reads about that sounds vaguely familiar.  Her aunt doesn't want her to associate with certain people on the island.  Years ago her mother and her aunt had a falling out but never found out why and neither of them will talk about it.  Her aunt's friend Evelyn tells Emily that she will be the one to finally make everything right. She sees the same photograph of a beautiful woman in different homes on the island but nobody will talk about this mysterious woman.  Emily continues to read the diary while she puts the pieces of the past together.


Needless to say I couldn't put this book down until all these questions were answered.  This book was definitely a page turner and one I read quickly.  Definitely recommended for those liking a bit of mystery and past/present stories.


How I acquired this book:  Guessing Barnes & Noble earlier this year.

Shelf life:  Less than a year.