Black Beauty

Black Beauty (Scholastic Classics) - Anna Sewell

This book marks my sixth (#6) book read in my Classics Challenge to read 50 classics in 5 years. Most people have read this long before my age and consider it a childhood favorite. I had several horse-loving girlfriends growing up and surprisingly this never made it into my hands. 


Told in the perspective of the horse itself, Black Beauty's message is repeatedly that of kindness.  Throughout his life he changes homes and owners many times.  Some behave kindly while other do not.  Regardless of how Black Beauty is treated he perseveres in spite of it and continues to be a strong yet gentle horse.  His compassion deepens after witnessing the inhumane and cruel conduct to his fellow horses by their owners and caretakers.


While this was elegantly written it was at a basic level and as such would consider and recommend it as ideal reading for children and/or young adults.


How I acquired this book: Purchase by husband on Mother's Day visit to Moe's Books in Berkeley

Shelf Life:  6 months